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Project Leader

Open Source Radio is an online radio station from Nijmegen that offers a stage to artists, music lovers, talent and promoters from the Electronic Music, Hiphop & Culture scenes. We try to connect different groups of people and stimulate collaborations, cross-pollination and development through a (3-day) accessible, but high-quality program. Furthermore we work together with festival organisations throughout the country. We are a small, driven and super-passionate team of volunteers. Innovation, diversity and (social) sustainability are important to us.

As our Project Leader…

You are our spider in the web. You check in with your colleagues continuously to ensure everything keeps rolling, you manage the relations with our external stakeholders, you’re in the lead of our finances and partnerships, you work on our short- and long-term strategy and are responsible for the overall continuity of Open Source Radio.

Down here you can find a selection of the work you’ll be doing:

Business leadership
– In consultation with De Basis responsible for establishing and monitoring financial objectives, annual budgets and day-to-day finance.
– First contact with De Basis regarding grant applications.
– Responsible for preparing budgets around partnerships (e.g. with festivals).

Creative leadership
– Responsible for the development of an authentic and organization-wide identity, mission and vision, and its successful translation within daily operations:
1. Program
2. Marketing & Communications
3. Staff
4. Collaborations
– Realizing a long-term planning and complementary annual agenda based on substantive objectives.
– Devise and develop ideas and concepts that contribute to the realization of set objectives.
– Responsible for approaching and realizing partnerships that contribute to the brand identity and growth of Open Source Radio.

Operational leadership
– Managing and supervising all processes surrounding the daily operation: running the radio station.
– Responsible for the continuity and further development of a strong and solid core team capable of successfully executing the daily operation and stand-alone projects.
– Identifying and anticipating risky changes in a timely manner.
– Keeping core partners (De Basis and Doornroosje) well informed through quarterly meetings.
– Creating a positive working atmosphere and clear (internal) communication

– Excellent command of the English language, both verbally and in writing
– Ability to work well together, as well as independently
– Excellent planner and organizer, able to meet tight communication deadlines
– Knowledge of and experience with different media channels and communication techniques
– Analytical and problem-solving skills
– Proactive, flexible and creative
– Strategic, tactical and operational mindset
– Affinity with the cultural sector (preferably in the area of music)
– Living in Nijmegen/Arnhem or surroundings
– It is your intention to perform this job for at least 1 year

What your week looks like:
– 1x Communication meeting (at De Basis)
– 1x Core Team meeting (at De Basis)
– One full working day with the team (at De Basis)
– The rest of the hours you can flex work

Salary indication:
By mutual agreement based on hours, experience and other factors.

Apply at, before October 15.